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Support sought for laws impacting Wisconsin HMV owners

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Attention, Wisconsin Historic Military Vehicle owners. Your help is needed again!

Two important changes to the 2010 Wisconsin Historic Military Vehicle law are now being introduced in the state Legislature.

1) The new bill allows you more operation with less restrictions. It adds approval to operate a Historic Military Vehicle for "Occasional Personal Use," but not for regular daily transportation, and adds additional specific language that allows the vehicles to also be used for "club activities, exhibitions, and tours".

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2) The new bill adds language to allow Non Operational Parts Vehicles to be kept on your property if you have an HMV licensed vehicle.

These activities were not part of the original bill that became Wisconsin law in 2010. Help amend the 2010 Wisconsin HMV law by writing, calling and emailing your state legislators in both the state Assembly and Senate today.

Ask them to co-sponsor and support the changes to the Historic Military Vehicle Bill proposal LRB- 3349/P1.

Find your state legislators contacts on the web at Or call the legislative hotline: 1-800-362-9472 or 608-266-9960.

The bill author and sponsor in the Assembly is Representative Andre' Jacque - 2nd Assembly District (Southeastern Green Bay). The bill lead sponsor in the Senate is Senator Frank Lasee - 1st Senate District (Fox Valley).

Contact Jeff Rowsam at or 920-863-8656 for questions or additional information.

Vehicle Registration Rights Act

In addition, there is a second related bill winding its way through the capital: The Vehicle Registration Rights Act. Read on...

LRB 3267/1 is a bill being introduced into the Wisconsin Legislature to protect your right to drive the vehicle of your choice.

We need All car enthusiasts to: e-mail, write or phone your state senator and representative plus members of the transportation committee and voice your support.

Make sure you say:

  • "I am your constituent"
  • "I agree with the Vehicle Registration Rights Act "
  • "I want you to co-sponsor LRB 3267/1"

CC members of the transportation committee -- Senate Committee on Transportation and Assembly Committee on Transportation.

Keep it short and sweet. Do it now. Our hobby depends on you.

Click this link to find your legislators:

Share this with all of your friends and family and ask them to do the same. This is just the first step. We will need your continued support throughout the process.

The Registration Rights Act accomplishes the following:

1. Repeals a state statute which contains an obsolete reference in law, and has created confusion and misapplication.

2. Repeals a statute which has removed legally-complying vehicles from the highway.

3. Gives residents the ability to have second chance if the DOT denies registration. An owner can have their vehicle locally inspected to make sure they comply with WI safety standards and in turn can have their vehicle registered.

4. Allows minor modifications to vehicles registered as Collector.

5. Reduces fiscal impact by the citizen bearing the cost of an inspection versus the state employees expending substantial time and resources to determine eligibility.

6. Prevents monetary losses to citizens encountered when a formerly-legal vehicle is reduced to non-highway-legal status for the sake of clerical convenience within the department.

You can read the bill and the supporting information at:

If you would like to speak with someone regarding this legislation, please call or email: Paul Underwood,, 608-437-3465, or Tom Zat,, 715-449-2141 weekdays.



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