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Stored inside or outside? Who Insures HMVs?

by John Adams-Graf

A friend from Tennessee recently called and said, “John, I can’t find a company that will insure my deuce-and-a half because I don’t store inside a building. What should I do?”


I assured him that there has to be a company that will insure his truck, but I had to admit, I couldn’t point him to any specific insurance company. I was able to provide the names of a few companies that I knew insured vehicles stored outdoors, but it had been several years since I had contact with them.

I needed up-to-date answers, and I needed them fast!

It occurred to me, our Facebook page gives me (and all “Friends”) immediate access to about 6,500 military vehicle enthusiasts. I posted the following:

Two questions for U.S. friends:

1. Do you store your vehicle inside or out?
2. What company do you use for insurance on your historic military vehicle?

Within about three hours of posting, I had a flood of answers. Not only would the answers help my Tennessee buddy, they may help other HMVers in the same position.

Here are some of the comments our Friends posted:

Stephen Mayfield: Outside and I use Farmers Insurance.

Greg Bates: In a metal storage shed and American Collectors Insurance

Breven Addington: Keep my Jeeps inside. Safeco inures them. Being a 20-year-old, I can’t get a single company to insure my M35A2. It’s getting old getting denied!

Greg Bates: State Farm used to insure my CCKW. I know American Collectors requires you to be at least 25 with six years of driving experience. There is a rider that anyone who drives it has to be the same

Dennis Lyles: Under a metal shed. J C Taylor. They are good.

Don Kasbohm: Deuce is outside with Progressive Commercial coverage on it. Recently purchased an M882 that is currently residing in my American Steel Span metal building with the engine torn apart—no coverage on it at this time.

Scott Matthews: Mine is outdoors. I use Gulfway.

Stephen Mayfield: What I like with Farmers is there is no mileage restrictions and only $75 a year!

Ronald Naef Sr: M151s inside and covered by Hagerty

Sean Nichols: All my rigs are stored inside and insured by State Farm. The M35 I used to own was also insured by State Farm... no problems at all!

David Petrus: The deuce is stored outside. I wish it was inside. It’s covered by Allstate.

Patrick Kinney: Keep my CUCV Blazer and M35A2 outside. Right now, Allstate insures them, but not for long. My payment went up over $100!

William Falconer: My jeep is outside during the summer, inside in the winter. I use Gulfway Insurance out of Florida. They have no problems with my outside storage, and will do big trucks as well.

Byron Orme: My Dodge is in a garage with Hagerty. $650 a year with 30,000 miles coverage

Brian Anderson: I have several vehicles stored inside from a Mule to an M54A2—all covered by Hagarty. I also have several stored outside with no insurance coverage.

John McSparren: Inside with State Farm

John R Cox: M151 & M38 inside 90% of the time. Hagerty. M416 is uninsured. Never tried to insure it.

Cliff Smith: If it fit inside—USAA.

Dennis Viers: M35 and M108 inside, Allstate with liability only.

Tim Scherrer: My jeep, Kubel and Dodge are all inside and insured with State Farm for about $5 per month per vehicle

Tommy Shanks: M38A1 is stored inside in an enclosed trailer. Both the trailer and Jeep are fully insured with Allstate.

Scott Mattison: Both my CCKW and M2 Cletrac are inside. CCKW is apart for restoration, so no insurance at the present time. Cletrac has never been insured.

Dan-Sharon Pinkham: Inside. Auto Owners

Remember, every state is different when it comes to insurance. Don’t be discouraged by what one company tells you. Chances are, there is a company that can meet your needs.

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