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Red River Maxx Pro program surpasses 1,000 vehicles

By Ms. Adrienne Brown (AMC)

MaxxPro at Red River

A Red River Army Depot team member completes work on a Maxx Pro variant of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle. (Photo Credit: Tara Inman)

RED RIVER ARMY DEPOT, Texas -- "We must meet delivery."

This is the motto of the Red River Army Depot team responsible for rebuilding the MaxxPro Dash Variant of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle. Since the induction of the Maxx Pro program in March 2015, the team has produced over 1,000 vehicles with each one on schedule and not exceeding the cost variables.

Red River has played a major part in the lifespan of the MRAP. In May 2007, the vehicle became the highest priority of the Department of Defense. The depot met the initiative full force by providing expedient field support and sustainment in various theater locations in 2007. 

Following the field support, DoD recognized Red River was well capable of taking care of the remanufacture needs of the MRAP family of vehicles. As the war in Iraq and Afghanistan continued, MRAP vehicles began being shipped back to the depot for reset and overhaul.

Fast forward ten years and the depot is now the TACOM Life Cycle Management Command Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence for the MRAP family of vehicles.

The depot's responsibility for the MRAP program is second to none. With seven original equipment manufacturers and many variants of the vehicle, it has been an extensive task to ensure each variant is being rebuilt to specific standards. The depot is also currently remanufacturing two variants of the MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) and three variants of the MRAP Cougar.

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