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Tell Your "MV Tales from the Field"

We need your help.
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Military Vehicles Magazine proudly announces a special

How many times have you been asked, “How do I get started in the military vehicle hobby?”, “How much does a Jeep cost?”, or “What should I look for when I buy an MV?”

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We at Military Vehicles believe it is important to be able to answer the public’s questions about the hobby when they see us in our Jeeps, trucks or other historic military vehicles. With that in mind, the publisher of Military Vehicles Magazine has decided to produce a special edition, 2010 Military Vehicles Ambassador’s Guide.

This special edition will guide a new enthusiast into the world of historic military vehicles by answering questions and initiating enthusiasm for “all things olive drab”. The 2010 Military Vehicles Ambassador’s Guide will be a lavishly illustrated and developed “FAQ of the historic military vehicle hobby”. Top authors in the hobby will share articles designed to answer the most commonly asked questions by someone who wants to get started in the hobby including, “Pre-Purchase Inspection: What to look for”, “Guide to Buying at Auction”, “Jeep I.D. Guide”, “What’s it Worth: Price Guide to the top 20 MVs”, “Show Time: What to Expect When You Show Your MV”, “My First MV: First-hand Testimonials”, “Your Tool Box: What You Must Have” and tips on titling, insurance, club listings, shopping guide and show calendar.

All current subscribers to Military Vehicles Magazine will receive a copy of the 2010 MV Ambassador’s Guide. In addition, we are publishing an overrun that will be available to advertisers, show promoters, clubs and any other “Goodwill Ambassadors” for a nominal fee. We want this guide to end up in the hands of anyone who ever considered owning and enjoying a historic military vehicle

Nothing excites a new enthusiast like “Tales from the Field.” We want to share your stories about your first military vehicle experience—what exactly caused you to “Bleed Green?”

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Tell your story (both good and bad) of how you started in the hobby in about 750 words or less. Since this is for the benefit of new folks starting in the hobby, include:

*How I got started—what caught my eye?
*What I didn’t see coming when I bought my first MV.
*What would I do different?
*Why I am glad I did it

Whether you hand it off to the next up-and-coming MV owner, or just keep it for yourself, the 2010 Military Vehicle Ambassador’s Issue is sure to “Keep ‘em rolling!” Send your submission with one or two high resolution photos to: or send typed text and photographic prints to Editor, Military Vehicles Magazine, 700 East State St., Iola, WI 54900. We need your submission no later than March 1, 2010 to consider for inclusion.

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