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Objective: To preserve and present the history of military vehicles!

Back in 1984, Gary Cross, a USAF veteran, had the idea of promoting military vehicles to honor all active and former military personnel. Now, 38 years later, not all 32 members of the Mid -Kansas MVPA Club have vehicles, but all have the passion to preserve these vehicles. At present, members’s vehicles include M38, M38A1, M37, GPW, CCKW, M151A2, M1009, Cushman Airborne, GTB Jeep, 43 Willys Ambulance, CUCV, HMMWV, and a Mechanical Mule.

Mechanical Mule belonging to a Mid-Kansas MVPA member. Currently, there are more than 30 members in the club. 

Mechanical Mule belonging to a Mid-Kansas MVPA member. Currently, there are more than 30 members in the club. 

Our club members have joined together to restore, preserve, and exhibit the history of military vehicles. We enjoy the company of like-minded individuals who are interested in advancing the hobby. As club members we support each other in our effort to accomplish the mission at hand.

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We believe that the accurate portrayal of the history of the vehicles and the people who used them is important to the overall history of the military. Our interest ranges through all the different eras of these vehicles currently from World War II through the present. We believe that these vehicles did serve and still serve an important part in keeping our nation free and we want to be sure that examples are available for the public to view.

We are active in the community events and are proud to be able to keep history alive in Kansas. Members do not have to own a military vehicle. Membership benefits include participation in annual rallies, displays, convoys, and parades.

Not only is the Mid-Kansas MVPA active in Wichita, but in the surrounding area, as well, including attendance at the National MVPA conventions. Activities include the Veterans Day parade, Memorial Day observance, Resthaven Rallies at our local Air Museum and parades in the Kansas cities and towns of Eureka, Valley Center, Ark City, Oxford, and Conway Springs. 

Several of our members take their trucks to the Wichita Riverfest and participate in the “Touch a Truck” that is designed to allow people (especially children) to get a close up look of what different trucks are like. Some also display vehicles at the annual semi-pro baseball game that pays honor to our local vets. In addition, a couple of our members take their vehicles to the Arkansas MVPA club when they have their annual events.

Club meetings normally are at 10 a.m. the second Saturday of each month, unless held during an event in which the club participates.

For more info on the Mid Kansas MVPA including membership, contact:

MKMVPA, Judy Cross
PO Box 771541
Wichita, KS 67277
phone 316-943-8911
Follow the club on Facebook 

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