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Mack Delivers Medium Support Vehicles to Canada

Mack Truck’s defense division has delivered the first of its new military trucks, a medium duty vehicle designed to go anywhere and do a little bit of everything.

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Dubbed the Medium Support Vehicle System Standard Military Pattern, or MSVS SMP, the first of these 8×8 trucks were delivered to the Canadian Department of National Defense earlier this month.

The trucks can be armored and outfitted to serve in multiple battlefield functions:

  • Cargo hauling
  • Material handling cranes
  • Load handling systems (LHS)
  • Mobile repair trucks (MRT)

Through the MSVS Project, the Government of Canada is acquiring a new fleet of medium capacity logistics trucks for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to replace its current fleet of Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled (MLVW) trucks in service since the 1980s. In addition, the project has acquired new ISO container-based mobile workspaces or “kitted shelters” that provide medical, dental, workshop, field kitchen, command post capabilities among others.

These new trucks and ancillary equipment will provide lift and logistical support on the ground, and will transport equipment and supplies where they are needed most both at home and abroad.

MSVS technical specifications

MilCOTS Specifications

  • Length: 11.1 metres
  • Maximum Towed Load: 10 tonnes
  • Crew: 1 to 23 (depending on variant)
  • Variants: 6

Shelters Specifications

  • Length: 6.1 metres
  • Maximum Gross Weight: 7,000 kg – 10,000 kg (depending on variant)
  • Crew: 2 to 12 (depending on variant)
  • Variants: 6
  • Configurations: 28

SMP Specifications

  • Length: nominal 10 – 11 metres (depending on variant)
  • Rated Capacity: 9.5 tonnes
  • Crew: 1 to 27 (depending on variant)
  • Variants: 5 Cargo; Cargo with Material Handling Crane; Load Handling System; Mobile Repair Team; and Gun Tractor. Draft your battleplan for 2019! Get your Military Vehicles 2019 Calendar now The Collector's Edition 2019 Military Vehicles Magazine Calendar features images of 12 of the best restorations of historic military vehicles from around the world. In addition, historic notes, vehicle specifications, and noteworthy dates in military vehicle history are included. Ideal for home, office, bunker and foxhole. Click on the image below to get your 2019 Military Vehicles Calendar today!

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