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Lost WWII British submarine may have been found

HMS P311

Italian divers claim to have found the wreckage of the WWII British Royal Navy’sHMS P311 submarine that was reported downed off of Sardinia.

According to an Associated Press story, a diver named Massimo Bondone reported that he found the wreckage of the P311 at a depth of 80 meters (262 feet) off the isle of Travolara while conducting a dive.

A British Navy said in a statement: “We are examining our records to determine whether or not this is a Royal Navy submarine.”

If this is in fact a Royal Navy submarine, the wreck belongs to Britain and any remains or artifacts on board must be respected.

According to, the P311 left Malta in December 1942 with 71 crew members on board to participate in an Allied attack on Italian warships off Sardinia. Contact was lost sometime on December 31 when it was presumed that the ship had hit a mine.

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