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F-16 Drops Bomb On Tulsa Appartment: Bathroom Destroyed

According to military sources, the pilot was unaware the bomb had dropped from his aircraft until the local sheriff came calling.
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An investigation into why an Oklahoma Air National F-16 Fighting Falcon dropped a practice bomb on an apartment complex in Tulsa on March 13 has so far turned up no equipment problems and no mistakes by the pilot or ground crew, according to statement by the Okalahoma National Guard issued March 21.

A safety board of Air National Guard officers convened the day after the accident that sent a 25-pound BDU-33 practice bomb into the apartment complex, knocking out electrical power and damaging the foundation and bathroom of one apartment. No one was hurt.

The pilot, unaware of the dropped bomb, continued to the Smokey Hill gunnery range near Salina, Kan., where he dropped his bombs on target.

The F-16D that lost the training ordnance was part of a two-fighter flight conducting training operations that took the fighters to the Smokey Hill Air Force Gunnery Range in Kansas.

"This is a serious event, and I want to take every step necessary to ensure we look into every possibility," said Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Harry M. Wyatt.

"There has been no indication thus far in the investigation to suggest any inappropriate action on the part of the ground crew or the pilot."

State military officials are now looking for a second opinion to tell them why a dummy practice bomb dropped from a fighter jet onto a Tulsa apartment complex last week.

As it now stands, local Guard officials have a mystery on their hands.

CLICK HERE to view a video of local news coverage of the event.

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