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U.S. Dodge, The development and deployment of Dodge military trucks 1940-1975,by David Doyle. (ISBN Book 1: 978-0-9861127-9-9; Book 2: 978-0-9861127-5-1. The Ampersand Group, Inc, 235 NE 6th Ave., Suite B, Delray Beach, FL 33483; 561.266.9686;; Hardcover, over 1,000 pages and 1,750 photos total, 2015, $124.95).

Make room on your shelves—there’s a new, definitive work on military Dodge trucks available! U.S. Dodge is a massive two-book work on the never-before-told story of Dodge trucks used by the U.S. military from just before WWII through the end of the Vietnam War. From Beginning modified civilian trucks, Dodge developed some of the world’s finest tactical vehicles. These two books cover the story in details that speak directly to restorers, collectors, modelers, and historians.

Authored by the preeminent American military vehicle expert, David Doyle, U.S. Dodge recounts the development and deployment of the Dodge military trucks using thousands of photographs—many from previously inaccessible private and industrial archives. Doyle has also combed original Chrysler and U.S. Military documents to provide the most accurate picture to date of the huge industrial undertaking that was to eventually produce over 400,000 tactical trucks for the U.S. military and its allies during WWII. His reliance on official documentation provides an accurate, reliable timeline that highlights modifications and adaptations during model production.

Whether your interest is in the history of Dodge at War, the VCs, WCs, the venerable M37, or any of the variants, these are the most complete, thorough coverage you could hope to discover—though it is already often quoted, you won’t find this information any “internet forum” or web site. This is bona fide, legitimate, supported research—the kind we in the hobby recognize as establishing credible, documentation. —JAG

Pip Squeek

Pip Squeak: The Half-Sized Jeep, recorded by Evelyn Harless. (ISBN Book 1: 978-1-938958-99-2. Red Engine Press,. Available from the author, Evelyn Harless, 1279 Ada Valley Rd, Adona, AR 72001;; 501.727.5530. Softcover, 5” x 7” , 100 pages, illustrated throughout,2015, $12 + $2 shipping ).

Reading to a child is the best way to plant seeds for a lifetime’s harvest. Read about a half-pint Jeep named Pip Squeak, and they may just grow up to lead our hobby well into the 21st Century.

Pip Squeak is a detailed a account of the construction of a half-sized Jeep, told from the perspective of the Jeep, itself. This approach, makes it a great way to instill the joys of tackling a real project in a way that relates directly to a child—and maybe a future MVM editor!—JAG

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