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U.S. WWII Vehicle Markings 1944

New book explains stars, circles, bumper markings, camo, and tactical symbols used on US tanks, trucks, and Jeeps in the WW2 European Theater

U.S. Army Vehicle Markings 1944, by Jean Bouchery and Philippe Charbonnier (ISBN 978-1612007373. Casemate Publishers, 908 Darby Road, Havertown, PA 19083, 610.853.9131; Hardcover, 144 pages, more than 300 photos and 200 illustrations, 2019, $37.95

This uniquely detailed guide covers the markings used on American tanks and tracked vehicles, trucks, and jeeps to denote their unit and classification, plus tactical markings and the debarkation codes used in the Normandy landings. Hundreds of contemporary photographs are paired with color diagrams to show how markings appeared on vehicles (including measurements) and explain variations in use. .

While the text and illustrations focus on the European Theater, the authors relied on a couple of primary sources that were available to troops in both the Pacific and European theaters of operation: TM9-2800 Standard Military Motor Vehicles and AR-850-5 US Military Equipment Markings (in addition to many others). Combining the information from these sources, the authors have created an easy-to-use reference.

After a brief introduction to types of vehicles (including Lend-Lease), the book delves into the organization of US Army motorized units. The rest of the book covers common unit markings, tactical markings, US Air Force markings, unit serial numbers, and camouflage. This reference is a welcome addition that modelers, collectors, and restorers of historic vehicles will come to rely on as a standard reference. 

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