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AACA announces new award for historic MVs

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The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) introduces three new National Awards one of which should be of special interest to historic military vehicle restorers: The Military Vehicle Award to be presented for an outstanding military vehicle (Junior or Senior) entered in a national meet during the year. The manufactured vehicle should be legal for highway operation and the award will be based on the maintenance, preservation and/or restoration of the vehicle. This award was established in 2012 by the United States Marine Corps Motor Transport Association, Inc.

The AACA has established a comprehensive awards program to recognize outstanding achievement, superior contribution to the AACA and the hobby, participation in special events and restoration excellence. With 15 National Events held each year there are plenty of opportunities to win a National Award.

National Awards are presented to selected recipients based on criteria established by the Board of Directors. The awards are divided into two general groups. Some are presented for outstanding vehicles entered in AACA National Activities and others are presented for specific achievements of individuals or organizations. The trophies for these awards have been donated to the AACA and many of them memorialize specific individuals for their contribution to the automotive industry or to the Antique Automobile hobby. The original trophies are displayed at the AACA National Headquarters and recipients receive a magnificent crystal trophy.

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