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2020 MVM Calendar Photo Callout

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Military Vehicles Magazineis now inviting submissions for our 2020 Collectors’ Edition calendar. Each of the 1994-2019 Military Vehicles calendars has been a showcase for MVM readers’ vehicles. We received 49 responses for the most recent Military Vehicles Magazine 2019 calendar. 

How and What to Submit

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The 49 submissions for the 2019 calendar were reduced to 13 finalists. Various criteria were used. Often, this involved avoiding duplication of vehicle type, or era. Of course, image quality and composition of the pictures played the most vital role. The elimination process revealed several criteria that should be followed for future submissions. The following guidelines are some “do’s and don’t’s” to follow when preparing your submission:

1) The only format in which we deal now is large format, digital (minimum size: 3872 pixels x 2592 pixels). We can’t print images that are smaller than this. We no longer accept any prints or slides.

2) Generally, a submission should depict a single, vehicle and should contain no people, pets, trophies, window stickers, or other non-period-appropriate objects.

3) Each vehicle should be photographed against a pleasant and appropriate, non-distracting background.

Obviously, all vehicles submitted cannot be used in this single calendar. Consideration will be given — among other factors — to the quality of the photographic reproduction, vehicular variety, and an appropriate mix of nationalities, and eras. 

In reviewing the dozens of vehicle images submitted for previous calendars, it occurred to Military Vehicles Magazine that it was a shame to restrict their use to calendars only. So, all submissions will be retained on file for “other-than-calendar” use. Such uses might include book and periodical covers, color plates, catalogs, show posters, newsletters, and promotional materials — among others. In any case, proper credit will be given.

Eligibility is restricted to readers of Military Vehicles Magazine. Owners of the vehicles depicted in the calendar will be identified, and each will receive two free copies of the 2020 calendar. Each submission must include the name(s), address and phone number of the owner(s), as well as the year, model, body type and any significant history of the vehicle depicted. To be eligible, all submissions must be received in our offices no later than March 1, 2019. Please transmit electronic submissions to:

or send a CD, SD, or thumb drive with the electronic files to:

Military Vehicles Magazine
Attn: Calendar Submissions / Adams-Graf
901 Fourth St., Suite 50
Hudson, Wisconsin 54016

NOTE: The 2019 Calendar is STILL available and SALE-PRICED: CLICK HERE

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