Yankee Air Museum Adds Halftrack

The Yankee Air Museum in Belleville, Mich., has a new restoration project – a halftrack, which has seen many conversions in its day.
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The Yankee Air Museum in Belleville, Michigan has recently accepted the donation of a halftrack as a restoration project. The 1943 Autocar was originally built as an M-15 with twin .50 caliber machine guns mounted in a turret along with a 37mm cannon. Like many other M-15s, the vehicle was converted to the Quad .50 M16A1 model in the post WWII years. The vehicle maintains much of its M16A1 armor and will be restored to that configuration, our immediate need is bogies, tracks, the rear armor panel and door, and of course, the quad .50 turret.

When restored, this track will represent the kind of threat that air crews had to face on a daily basis from the ground and serve to honor all those who fought for our freedom.If you would like to support this restorations, donations can be sent to Yankee Air Museum, Attn: Chris Causley, Halftrack Fund, PO Box 590, Belleville, MI, 48112.

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