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Who’s Who in the Military Vehicle Hobby: Museum of American Armor

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In a move designed to further strengthen tourism in New York’s Nassau County, while providing a new source of revenue for the county’s park system, the Museum of American Armor was established in 2013. Housed in a a 25,000-square-foot facility the Museum is just inside the grounds of Old Bethpage Village Restoration on Round Swamp Road, Old Bethpage, New York.

The ability of the museum to create a military armored column that replicates the sights and sounds of American forces during World War II offers one of the most compelling educational tools our region has in telling the seminal story of American courage, valor and sacrifice. Placing it in this unique setting of vintage farm houses and country roads creates a virtual time machine that ensures a powerful regional, national and international destination for visitors.

 Gary Lewi coordinates all of the Museum’s historic vehicle activities.

Gary Lewi coordinates all of the Museum’s historic vehicle activities.

Lawrence Kadish, Chairman and founder of the Museum of American Armor, stated, “Seeing these vehicles cross an open field as Airpower’s vintage fighters fly overhead recreates a moment in time that allows us to begin to appreciate what was required by our grandfathers to defeat an evil that even today we cannot fully comprehend. Our goal is to bring the sights and sounds of American history to a new generation and thereby pay tribute to those who defended our freedoms.”

Visitors walk through the museum’s camouflaged front doors that have been heavily sandbagged similar to the way important bunkers were protected some 70 years ago. Inside, a gift shop and administrative office occupy a modest amount of space as the bulk of the building is devoted to the display of some 30 vehicles. Half a dozen times a year, and in coordination with OBVR programming, these vehicles arepresented in the field or on the Village’s country roads as living historians offer displays on WW II tactics.

Museum of American Armor
Mark Renton, Director
1303 Round Swamp Road
Old Bethpage, NY11804

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