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New 'Wartime Christmas' museum display

Military Antiques and SGT Richard Penry Memorial Museum presents Wartime Christmas
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Christmas is normally a time when family and friends come together to celebrate the holiday. However during a time of war this tradition can not occur as it normally would yet is still celebrated regardless of where the individual is.

The Military Antiques and Museum’s new seasonal display illustrates how men and women have continued to celebrate this holiday while under fire and in harms way. They hope to educate visitors about these sacrifices that have been made and by military personnel who spend their holidays away from family and friends often in hostile areas.

The museum is dedicated to SGT Penry, of Petaluma , who is Sonoma County 's only native born Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. The museum does not try to glorify war or any totalitarian political beliefs. It honors the men and women who, through their suffering, and acts of bravery fought to end war. The museum normally includes a number of displays depicting different scenes from the Spanish American War up to the Vietnam War, which displays SGT Penry’s uniform, and a copy of his award certificate.

The Christmas display is planned to be open from Dec. 2, 2010, until Feb. 2, 2011. The museum is normally open Thursday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. but for large groups, including school groups, they are open on the other days by appointment.

They are located at 300 Petaluma Blvd North, Petaluma , Calif., just three blocks north of East Washington St . Admission is free to everyone, so come and check out their new Wartime Christmas displays.

Military Antiques and Museum
300 Petaluma Blvd North
Petaluma , CA 94952
(707) 763-2220

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