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On Display: Museum of the American GI

Tanks and tank destroyers, half-tracks and towed field artillery roamed a faux battlefield at open house
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Brent Mullins, the driving force behind the Museum of the American GI, considers paying homage to Veterans not only an extension of his military vehicle collecting hobby, but a moral obligation as well.

The proposed museum in College Station Texas, for which the site has been acquired, will pay tribute to veterans of all branches. The centerpiece will be the island and bridge from the former Amphibious Assault Ship Iwo Jima (LPH-2), but the stars of the Spring 2009 event were armored vehicles.

Tanks and tank destroyers supported by a range of wheeled and half-track vehicles as well as towed field artillery roamed a faux battlefield engaging German reenactors to the delight of massed onlookers.

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LEFT: The star of the show was this M3 Gun Motor Carriage, the
only extant restored example. Owned by Brent Mullins, it is driven
by Iwo Jima veteran Edwin Eyre. RIGHT: M5A1 Stuart tank crosses
an equally well restored Bailey Bridge. David Doyle

LEFT: Bill Bauer drives his M18 Hellcat tank destroyer, one of two
at the open house. RIGHT: Mike Brown drives Mullins’ M24 Chaffee
down the road as “commander” Terry Spencer relaxes on the turret.

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