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A burglary at the Deutsches Museum Nordschleswig in Sønderborg, Denmark, occurred during the night of November 3. Police have carried out trace protection on the ground.

The perpetrator (s) are targeting objects that illuminate the minority's National Socialist past. It's all about different uniforms. The uniforms are coveted and valuable trophies in collectors circles, which could be a possible motive for breaking in. Of the many pieces stolen, the SS uniform is estimated to be worth 200,000 Danish kroner (about $31,400), according to Monopol.

Museum manager Hauke Grella is saddened by the break-ins and asks for help in solving the crime. He will consult with experts promptly about an additional security of the museum and the exhibition items.The museum remains open.

Further information: Museum Manager Hauke Grella, + 45 52 77 20 93 and BDN Secretary-General Uwe Jessen, + 45 40 33 12 70

List of items stolen

List of items stolen

This was actually the second robbery to target Third Reich items in Denmark in 2020. The other occurred in March when thieves broke into the Froslev Camp Museum. Henrik Skov Kristensen, the director of the  museum set in a former jail camp said the burglars took SS uniforms. After discovering no leads, the Danish police closed the investigation in April, 

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