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Club Spotlight - Olive Drab Drivers

OLIVE DRAB DRIVERS - Military Vehicles and Aircraft, Bakersfield, Calif.
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The Olive Drab Drivers (O.D.D.) was founded in 2001 by Jeffery Goines and John Yerry. Originally, the club created a network for military vehicle enthusiasts who preserve, restore, and operate their vehicles. However, through the years, the club has made a name for itself by promoting volunteering, an interest in our Nation’s history, and most importantly, renewing camaraderie between service men and women and their supporters.

The O.D.D is extremely active in the community by driving their vehicles in parades, making history come to life at schools, lending their machines to local museums, giving residents in retirement homes the opportunity to time travel back in time to when they served in the military and having driven many of the vehicles O.D.D has on display, and attending just about any other car, military, historical, outdoors, or Jeep-related events.

O.D.D. obtained official car club status through the Car Club Council of Bakersfield in 2015. From just three members at its inception, this club has grown to more than 40 members and countless supporters.

Founding member, Jeffery Goines, claims that the club’s secret to success are the following rules: No dues, word of mouth advertisement, and meeting the last Thursday every month in the parking lot of a local BBQ eatery called Chuy’s – a tradition that has endured for the past fifteen years. – Jennifer Webb

Point of Contact:
Jeffery Goines
Cell: (661) 203-9911
Home: (661) 831-4949

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