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Artist honors military branches with paintings


The branches of the U.S. military are to be honored in paintings.

In 2009 the Minnesota State Veterans Memorial Association commissioned Little Falls, Minnesota artist, Charles Kapsner to paint large scale paintings in honor of the U.S. military. The large 8-by-10 foot oil paintings are themed to each distinct branch of the U.S. military.

Since 2009 Kapsner has completed paintings for the Army and Navy. His most recent work was unveiled on February 6th at the Minnesota State Veterans Committal Hall near Camp Riley. The painting was dedicated to the Coast Guard.

According to Minnesota Public News, each canvas takes approximately 18 months to complete. Kapsner first fleshes out his composition with a sketch and then utilizes models in military garb to complete his paintings.

Kapsner studied fresco painting in Italy and has collected a multitude of books on military history, as well as attendingmuseums and hundreds of hours of lectures. Kapsner stated,”I was never in the military, but I did a lot of research.”

The cost of the project is $500,000 to which the Minnesota State Veterans Memorial Association has raised over half the money so far.

Once the remaining funds are reached plans are to continue with tributes to the Marine Corps, followed by a composition depicting the Air Force.

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