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T34/85 restored by Oshkosh Veterans Museum and Education Center.

T34/85 restored by Oshkosh Veterans Museum and Education Center.

T-34/85 Main Battle Tank

  • Weight: 70,650 lbs
  • Engine: 1 x V-2-34 12-cylinder
  • Displacement: 844 cu. in.
  • Horsepower: 493
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Fuel Capacity: 149 gallons
  • Maximum speed: 33 mph
  • Maximum range: 223 miles
  • Crew: 5
  • Armament: 85mm ZiS S-53 main gun; 2 7.62mm DT machine guns


The Soviet Union’s T-34/85 was an up-gunned version of its very successful T-34 medium tank. Though the original version had proved effective against the German Panzer III and IV tanks, the T34’s 76mm gun was woefully outclassed by the Panther and Tiger series. In response, the Soviets incorporated many upgrades in the production including a more powerful 85mm main gun in a new (but taller) 3-man turret.

Unrestored T34/85

Unrestored T34/85

The first T-34/85s were delivered in late 1943. By the end of the War in Europe, more than 21,000 T-34/85s were in service. Production continued after WWII with more than 55,000 deployed by 52 nations including China, North Korea, and a number of other Soviet allies.



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