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Military Vehicles Spotlight: Korean War 1951 Caterpillar D4

Korean War 1951 Caterpillar D4Restored by Dennis M. Hankey

Korean War 1951 Caterpillar D4
Restored by Dennis M. Hankey

G-151 Caterpillar D4

  • Gross Weight: 11,325 lbs
  • Engine: D315 4-cylinder
  • Displacement: 334.5 cu. in.
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Capacity: 31 gallons
  • Drawbar horsepower: 43
  • Belt/PTO Horsepower: 48
  • RPM: 1,400
  • Maximum Speed: 5.3 mph


Caterpillar first introduced the RD4 in 1936 as the diesel version of the successful CAT 30 gas model. During WWII, the D4 was one of several tractor/bulldozers acquired by the military and simply designated as "Tractor, Light." The Ordnance Department assigned the designation “G-151” to the Caterpillar D-4 crawlers.

D4s served as prime movers for light artillery, general duty tractors and as bulldozers when equipped with suitable blade attachments.

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