Military Vehicle Spotlight: WWII Federal Tractor 94x43

WWII Federal Tractor 94x43

WWII Federal Tractor 94x43


  • Weight: 11,950 pounds
  • Size (LxWxH): 203" x95.5" x109"
  • Max Speed: 40 mph
  • Range, loaded: 280 miles

Despite its totally different body, the Federal model 94x43 was operationally equivalent to the Autocar U-7144-T, even using many of the same major chassis components. The first Federals, the 94x43A, being based upon commercial products of the time, had enclosed cabs. Later models, the 94x43B and C, were redesigned to incorporate an open cab. When used by the Signal Corps, the 94x43 was referred to as a K-32. In Signal Corps use, the Federals pulled van trailers, while the transportation corps used them for general freight service. Federal built a total of 8,119 trucks of this type.

Kenworth and Marmon-Herrington were established as producers of these trucks late in the war.

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