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Military Vehicle Spotlight: Korean War-era M42 ‘Duster’

Owned and restored by Stuart RobinsonPhoto by Stuart Robinson

Owned and restored by Stuart Robinson
Photo by Stuart Robinson

M42 “Duster” (G-253)

  • Armament: Two M2A1 40mm Bofurs cannons
  • Weight: 49,500 lbs. (combat)
  • Engine: AOS-895-3 opposed 6-cylinder
  • Displacement: 895.5 cu. in.
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Horsepower: 500 @ 2,800 rpm
  • Maximum Speed: 45 mph
  • Maximum Range: 100 miles

Historical Note:

The U.S. Army standardized the M42 Duster in October 1953. The increasing speed of jet aircraft made the optically sighted 40mm guns essentially useless in their intended role as anti-aircraft weapons. During the Vietnam War, however, it was found the twin 40s were devastating when used as a ground weapon against enemy formations.

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