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Military Vehicle Spotlight: 1973 AM General M151A2

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1973 AM General M151A2 Owned by Michael Weaver; Photo by John Adams-Graf

1973 AM General M151A2 Owned by Michael Weaver; Photo by John Adams-Graf

M151A2 4x4 1/4-ton Tactical Truck

  • Net Weight: 2,140 lbs.
  • Gross Weight:3,340 lbs.
  • Maximum Towed Load: 2,000 lbs.
  • Engine: The M151 series used a Ford Motor Co.-designed 4 cylinder motor
  • Displacement: 141.5 cu. in.
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Horsepower: 71 @ 3,800 rpm
  • Maximum Speed: 66 mph
  • Maximum Range: 300 miles

Historical Note:

The M151 was a pure Ford design starting in the early 1950s with the T-122 which then became the XM151 before being standardized as the M151. Delivery of the M151 began in 1960 but difficult handling characteristics resulted in new versions introduced in 1963 (M151A1) and again in 1969 (M151A2). This last version incorporated a much safer semi-trailing arm suspension, deep-dish wheels, larger composite-type marker and taillights, electric windshield wipers and a mechanical fuel pump.Initially, Ford produced the M151A2 from 1969-1971. AM General won the contract and took over production in 1972 and continued rolling out M151A2s until 1985.

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