Military Vehicle Spotlight: 1967 M725 Ambulance

Restored by Tom ZatPhotograph by John Adams-Graf

Restored by Tom Zat
Photograph by John Adams-Graf

G-890 1-1/4-ton Ambulance

  • Weight: 8,800 lbs
  • Engine: Jeep Tornado
  • Displacement: 230 cu. in.
  • Horsepower: 132 @ 4,000 rpm
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Fuel Capacity: 28 gallons
  • Maximum speed: 60 mph
  • Maximum range: 225 miles

Historical Note

When the U.S. military decided it wanted a more affordable all-wheel-drive alternative to Dodge G-741 in service in 1965, it turned to civilian market where it found the Kaiser-Jeep “Gladiator” pick-up. The result was G-890 series of trucks, making them the first M-series tactical vehicles to use primarily civilian commercial components.

In March 1966, the military awarded a contract to Kaiser to produce 20,680 M715 cargo trucks and M725 ambulances. The first trucks rolled of the Toledo, Ohio, assembly line in January 1967. By the time production ceased in 1969, more than 30,500 M715 series trucks had been built.

The ambulance variant had the same cab and front end components as the M715. The rear, however, featured an ambulance body fitted with four litter racks, a surgical light, air ventilators, double rear doors, and a gas heater.

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