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1943 GMC CCKW restored by Daniel Gumz

1943 GMC CCKW restored by Daniel Gumz
Photograph by Cassie Misch

WWII bulletin for CCKW maintenance

WWII bulletin for CCKW maintenance, ca. 1944. 

G-508 CCKW 6x6 2-1/2-ton Cargo Truck

Weight: 11,250 lbs
Engine: GMC 270 inline 6-cylinder
Displacement: 269.5 cu. in.
Horsepower: 91.5 @ 2,750 rpm
Fuel: Gasoline
Fuel Capacity: 40 gallons
Maximum speed: 45 mph
Maximum range: 300 miles


The GMC CCKW is generally considered to be the “Truck that won WWII.” Built in the thousands, it served the U.S. and her allies in all theaters of operation, becoming emblematic of the allied efforts to stop the Nazis in Europe and the Japanese in the Pacific.

The trucks were delivered in both long (164-inch) and short (145-inch) wheelbase versions, with the longer designated “CCKW-353” and the shorter, “CCKW-352.” The CCKW-353 was intended to serve as a general-purpose cargo truck, whereas the shorter, CCKW-352, was built as a prime mover for towing 75mm and 105mm weapons. The earliest production trucks had fully enclosed cabs, though by 1942, open cab versions became the military standard.

The CCKW was fitted with a greater array of body types than any other U.S. WWII-era vehicle. In addition to the cargo trucks, variants included: Dump trucks, water tankers, fuel tankers, air compressor trucks, bomb service trucks, fire trucks, ponton bolsters, mobile kitchens, decontamination units and even surgical and dental units.

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