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Drive A Tank grows by 90,000 pounds

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KASOTA, Minn. — Drive A Tank, the only venue in the United States where civilians can drive authentic military tanks, has added a Russian-designed T-55AM Main Battle Tank named Red Dawn to its fleet of military vehicles.

A symbol of Russian military might during the cold war, the 45-ton T-55 was designed and built from the ground up to destroy enemy tanks, similar to NATO’s Chieftain Main Battle tank, which Drive A Tank also offers to drive as part of its car-crush package.

Drive A Tank is one of only two known venues in the world where civilians can drive main battle tanks and is the only one in the United States.

“I’m a big fan of main battle tanks,” says Tony Borglum, co-owner of Drive A Tank. “Their sheer power and enormous size make them formidable on the battle field and a lot of fun to drive at our facility because they’re basically indestructible. Anyone who has experienced one of these tanks can tell you they loved the feeling of invincibility.”

In addition to the new Russian tank, Drive A Tank is also now offering a new top line experience for adrenaline junkies called the Commander-In-Chief package.

Not for the faint of heart, this hands-on and in-the-driver’s-seat adventure is the most extravagant tank driving, machine gun shooting, car crushing package on the planet. As the VIP, you will drive four different tanks on several challenge courses, each with its own unique driving style, including:

  • Convoy style driving in an Abbot Self Propelled Gun
  • Enclosed combat style driving in an Armored Personnel Carrier
  • Intricate, precision driving in the T-55
  • Car crushing in the Chieftain

After you wash off the dirt and diesel smoke Drive A Tank will make your heart pound again in the indoor shooting range where you test fire a plethora of military firearms, from a .30 caliber WWII belt-fed machine gun to a current issue .50 Caliber Barrett long range rifle.

For more information about Drive A Tank, call 507-931-7385 or visit

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