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TV series seeks militaria collectors

Digital Ranch Production works on series
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Digital Ranch Productions - the company that created and produced Mail Call for the History Channel - is currently in production with a major cable network on a new series that explores the world of militaria collectors and collecting.

In the process of hunting for artifacts and introducing viewers to interesting sellers and buyers, producers will be revealing the compelling stories behind scores of fascinating, valuable and curious artifacts - everything from the coolest uniform and insignia groupings, firearms, edged weapons, veteran “bring backs,” Third Reich souvenirs, battle gear, military vehicles - and even vintage warbirds.

Digital Ranch Productions is interested in quality artifacts you might consider selling - from Civil War muskets to Sherman tanks, from Vietnam SOG patches to Iraqi Fedayeen “Darth Vader” helmets. They said they are just as interested in the “story behind the item,” as they are in the item’s potential “retail” value.

If you’ve got an intriguing artifact with significant personal, historical or financial value and you’d consider discussing and possibly selling the item on the show, please contact them.

Perhaps maybe you’re restoring a vintage vehicle and need a major part; or you’re a museum curator in search of a significant item. Perhaps you’ve got a unique firearm that you’d like to sell. Maybe you’ve got a tank for sale and would like them to help you find a buyer!

Also, maybe you’re in search of something special for your collection or restoration, and would like some help in tracking it down.

To contact Digital Ranch Productions about your quality militaria, email or call 818-817-9690 ext. 13.

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