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The Michael “Wulf” Clifton Collection - July 20th

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Union, IL - Donley Auctions announced a chance to own a rare piece of history. A Military Auction held on July 20th, 2019 will feature the extensive World War II Nazi collection of Michael “Wulf” Clifton. Mr. Clifton began studying and collecting World War II German artifacts in 1960. His collection started when he bought a number of German envelopes from Steve Bumball. Mr. Bumball worked for the CIA and was a collector himself. He told Wulf there was no significant value to the envelopes but Wulf told him he was buying them for the return addresses. Steve laughed and said he would help him with his collection. Wulf used those addresses to contact over 50 WWII veterans and obtained autographs, pictures and other materials. It took over 9 years of one way communication before Hans Bauer acknowledged his request and they became close friends. His collection was secretly stored and shown to very few. Wulf bought over 300 books on WWII and read them all. He had a terrific memory and quickly became an expert in Nazi memorabilia.

This one of a kind collection features numerous personal belongings of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Hermann Goering and many others. A special item of interest in a Nazi Guestbook with signatures from Hitler, Himmler, Speer and many more.

The WWII Nazi Guestbook was found in the Weimar Schloss (Weimar Castle) by veterans in Weimar, Germany after the war. The Weimar Schloss was used by the Nazis as a place for the Parteitag (Party Conference), a convention where members of the Nazi Party would convene and discuss matters of the Nazi Party in 1936. Guestbooks were used to keep track of who had come and gone to certain events or buildings. In this guestbook, there are the signatures of Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler,Albert Speer, Dr. Robert Ley, and many other Nazi officials.


Donley Auctions is an antique and rare memorabilia auction gallery located at 8512 S. Union Rd in Union, Illinois. If you would like more information about the auction, please call them at 815.923.7000.

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