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Symbol of Croatian independence being preserved

Water Tower in Vukovar, Croatia. During the Battle of Vukovar in 1991, the Water Tower was one of the most frequent targets of artillery and hit more than 600 times.

The water tower in Vukovar, Croatia. During the Battle of Vukovar in 1991, the water tower was one of the most frequented targets of artillery fire and was hit more than 600 times.

After being used for construction and rehabilitation of the most famous structures in the world such as the Pentagon, Empire State Building and Burj Khalifa, MCI technology will be used to preserve Vukovar’s water tower that was hit more than 600 times during the siege of the city.

Cortec Corporation signed the donation agreement with the Mayor of the Croatian city of Vukovar. The company donated funds for reconstruction of the Vukovar water tower that was almost destroyed in the 90’s during the Croatian War of Independence. The water tower is the most famous symbol of the city’s suffering during the Battle of Vukovar, yet it is also a symbol of victory and new life. It was one of the most frequented targets of artillery fire, yet it never collapsed.

War remains - Vukovar

The company will donate the products needed to prevent corrosion of the reinforced concrete structures of the water tower as part of the memorial monument project. The structure will not be restored to its original function, instead it will become a memorial to remind all of the suffering and pain the city of Vukovar persevered throughout the war.

Croatian-American entrepreneur - Boris Miksic, CEO of Cortec Corporation, participated in numerous projects during his long career but notes that the restoration of Vukovar’s tower has a special significance to him: “This is a very emotional moment as Vukovar is in the heart of every Croatian citizen. We are proud to donate this technology which will preserve Vukovar’s monument for all generations to come. This symbol of one of the most destructive wars in modern history is warning that it must never happen again.”

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