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Auction Preview: Spring Auction of Hermann Historica

MUNICH _ This year’s Spring Auction at Hermann Historica oHG in Munich will open on April 24 with the usual wide range of high quality precious objects from all eras and originating from all over the world. Until May 6, more than 6,000 collector’s pieces will come under the hammer – antiquities, arms and armor, works of art, hunting antiques, orders and collectibles from all fields of history and military history.

Fine antique and modern firearms

A pair of gold-inlaid deluxe percussion pistols by A. De Lezaack of Liège, which were manufactured circa 1860 will find new owners. The ornamental gold inlays on a chased background on the locks and furniture, the ebony stocks carved with tendrils and the iron furniture with gold inlays accentuate the significance of these examples of the gun maker's craft. Also featured will be a pair of deluxe cased percussion pistols for two shots from Anton Vinzent Lebeda's renowned workshop in Prague.

Schwarzlose Mod. 1898 with original, blue-black finish.

Schwarzlose Mod. 1898 with original, blue-black finish.

Other guns of interest include an unusual caliber 7.63 mm firearm and a Schwarzlose Model 1898, with the original, blue-black finish, the magazine with matching numbers; and a five-shot Bittner repeating pistol dated 1896 in 7.7 mm calibre.

Very good to almost as new Bittner repeating pistol Mod. 1896.

Very good to almost as new Bittner repeating pistol Mod. 1896.


One of the highlights of the antiquities catalogue is an expressive marble portrait of Emperor Hadrian (who reigned between 117 - 138 A.D.). Crafted during the early years of his reign, the larger-than-life portrait reveals a slight inclination of the head towards the left, as is characteristic of most busts of Hadrian. Equally typical is the arrangement of the magnificent head of hair, with the wavy locks combed forward onto the forehead, the mustache and the slightly curly beard. The antique marble portrait of the important emperor, is mounted on a cubic marble pedestal, with a total height of 54 centimeters; boasting a documented provenance over many years, it is now being offered for sale. Dating from the second to third century A.D., an extremely unusual Roman vessel worked in bronze is elaborately adorned with figurative decoration over its entire surface. Various species of birds, sea creatures and mythological creatures embellish the high, bellied jug, whose handle features an eye-catching sphinx.

Arms and Armor

Up for bids will be array of high quality Medieval and modern edged weapons. Also coming under the hammer is a rare knightly sword from Italy circa 1430/40, with a broad, double-edged blade and a heavy, flat disc pommel. The example of an unusual, Gothic sword type, with a finger rest on one side, is now open to bids from 12,000 euros. Also up for auction is an imposing two-hand sword from the guard of Julius, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg that belongs to a group of 150 documented examples. Struck with the year 1573 and a smith mark, the processional sword boasts a sturdy, double-edged blade of flattened diamond section, while the ricasso depicts a crown surmounting three balusters.

An exquisit chiselled French deluxe sword, circa 1600.

An exquisit chiselledFrench deluxe sword,circa 1600.

Asia, Orient and Africa

Once again this spring, the lots from Africa, the Ottoman Empire, India, Japan and China remain as compelling as ever. Bids are invited from 15,000 euros for: an Ottoman bunchuk or tug, dating from the 17th/18th century, the period of the Turkish Wars. An exquisite, silver-mounted Ottoman shamshir, circa 1780, made with the highest quality workmanship, the quillons and grip straps of gilt silver, the quillons with fine floral decoration in relief, and elegant dark horn grips, is to come under the hammer for 12,000 euros. A silver-mounted and gilt kilij, which was wrought in Greece at the end of the 18th century, will also be on offer. The blade of the sabre has a gold damascened portrayal of the Virgin Mary with the Infant Jesus on the obverse and a long Greek inscription along the back.

An East Anatolian or Iranian chamfron, 1st half of the 16th century.

An East Anatolian or Iranian chamfron, 1st half of the 16th century.

Military history and historical objects

Significant collectors' items from the courts of European and international ruling houses are being offered for auction once again, including numerous pieces from the private collection of Prince Joseph Clemens of Bavaria (1902 - 1990). One of the highlights is a presentation snuffbox, beautifully wrought in gold, belonging to Maximilian I, Emperor of Mexico (1832 - 1867). Set in diamonds and mounted in high relief on the lid, the monogram "N" above the intertwined monogram "E", above which, the imperial crown with flowing ribbons are a clear indication that the gift was presented by Emperor Napoleon III (1808 - 1873) and his wife, Empress Eugénie (1826 - 1920).

Orders and Insignia

The Spring Auction will offer an exclusive variety of orders and insignia. The approximately 320 lots in this section include an extensive collection originating from a noble house, namely the estate of Prince Alfons of Bavaria (1862 - 1933) and his son, Prince Joseph Clemens . Among them are such rarities as the Grand Cross orders set with swords of the Bavarian Military Order of Merit, awarded in 1915 and finely worked in gold and enamel by the Hemmerle brothers of Munich, here offered for sale for the first time as a complete military set for 15,000 euros.

Paar goldtauschierte Luxus-Perkussionspistolen, A. De Lezaack, Lüttich um 1860.

Paar goldtauschierte Luxus-Perkussionspistolen, A. De Lezaack, Lüttich um 1860.


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