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Wednesday, March 4, 2009.


I arrived in Kentucky at about 2AM Wednesday morning. After a few hours sleep, it was off to the ExpoCenter to rendezvous with OVMS President, Bill. Combs. He had appointed me “Yellow Team Captain” for table set up. Despite Bill’s desire to be referred to as “Colonel, my Colonel, table set-up went off without a hitch.All of the folks assigned to the yellow team worked hard to get the tables set in place. If you haven’t been to the SOS, let me tell you, it is no small undertaking!

After the tables were placed, Bill released all of the volunteers who could begin bringing in their stuff. I took the opportunity to sneak back to my computer to post this note, but I have to get back to the ExpoCenter to see what is cooking! Hate to miss those deals.

Stay tuned for more from Louisville and the Show of Shows


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