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SOS 2009 Part Deux

Greetings from Sunny Louisville,

Today, the SOS finished setup. I really have to hand it to the entire OVMS crew...they really have the show set up, roll in and registration well organized. By 12:30, the hall was ready to be opened to the public. I don't have any "official" numbers, but suffice it to say, the aisles werenusually teeming with folks. Again, kudos to the OVMS for allowing plenty of aisle space as well as plenty of room behind the tables for the dealers. It is quite comfortable for all.

I didn't buy too much today. Found some okay doughboy photos and one very nice 5"x7" photo of a Mark VIII "Liberty" tank. That one tickled me--a nice addition for the Tank Corps collection. Oh, a friend did bring an identified Tank Corps helmet to SHOW me. He didn't want to sell it, but I did have the pleasure to look it over carefully.

Other than that, I just bought a couple of references. Found a copy of ANthony Hall's "Bayonet Frogs" vol. 1 and a decent Army reprint on identifying Japanese ordnance.

I can't say I have witnessed any trends, though every one is nervous about the volume of sales. However, from where I was sitting, no one was holding back. If they saw something they liked, they bought it. I didn't here anyone say, "I can't buy that right now".

I had a real good time helping a fellow who is getting serious about collecting 10th Mountain stuff. He came by several times to ask questions and opinons. I hope I didn't steer him wrong, because he was a willing buyer and picked up a good deal of Mountain gear.

Well, tonight is going to be BBQ-free...I am bushed. Pizza Hut will be serving my supper, I am afraid!

Best from the SOS,


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