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Rock Island Auction Company to auction over 9,000 firearms

The 2016 February Regional Firearms Auction is the largest in Rock Island Auction Company history, according to the company. The sale will be RIAC’s first ever four-day event. From Feb. 25-28, the facility will be buzzing with activity as more than 9,000 collector firearms will find new owners.

The auction’s top items are an assortment of Henry rifles and early Winchesters. Leading the charge is lot 4020, a Henry rifle with incredible scroll work and deer panel scenes on each side of the receiver.


LOT4020- Game Scene Engraved New Haven Arms Company Henry Lever Action Rifle

Beautiful Colts, stunning Smith & Wessons, and high condition Remington arms will all be offered. An engraved, antique Single Action Army in lot 212 will be sold along with Smith & Wesson Model 320 revolvers appearing in six separate lots. Bidders will get the chance to get their hands on a Smith & Wesson of which only 977 were ever produced. There will also be U.S. military arms represented, as shown in lot 2771’s Springfield Model 1903 rifle with the rod bayonet.

LOT2565- Rare Smith & Wesson Model 320 Revolving Rifle with Stock and Factory Letter

LOT2565- Rare Smith & Wesson Model 320 Revolving Rifle with Stock and Factory Letter


LOT2771- Early U.S. Model 1903 Springfield Rod Bayonet Rifle

Unique to this Regional Auction are a large number of Class III / Title II machine guns that are listed as “DEWAT” or “Unserviceable.” Lot 547 contains a Steyr Schwartzlose Model 07/12 on its tripod, and lot 546 holds a German MP3008 “last ditch” submachine gun. There are 11 lots containing machine guns and many others with extra barrels, drum magazines, accessories, parts, carriages, tools, belts and more.

LOT546- Registered DEWAT German MP3008 Sub Machine Gun

LOT546- Registered DEWAT German MP3008 Sub Machine Gun


LOT547- Steyr Schwartzlose Model 07/12 Machine Gun with Tripod

The sale will also feature an outstanding selection of bladed weapons, military artifacts, ammunition, accessories, books, Western art, parts and more. For information, visit

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