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Re-Enactors (& Museums) Retain Right to Bear Arms In New York

Proposal by Democratic Assemblyman Michael Gianaris of Queens sought to make the state the first in the country to require owners of antique guns, black powder weapons and muzzleloading firearms to go through a background check and purchase a license.
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ALBANY, N.Y.--A New York lawmaker is dropping a plan that would have required museums, historical societies and living history re-enactors to obtain licenses to own antique guns and muzzleloading weapons.

Democratic Assemblyman Michael Gianaris of Queens says he decided to drop the licensing provision after hearing concerns from museums and re-enactment groups that such a requirement could have crippling economic consequences.

Gianaris' new plan still requires purchasers of antique firearms to undergo a background check the same as they would for handguns. But his new proposal includes an exemption for museums, historical societies, historic sites, and groups conducting re-enactment, living history, educational or interpretive events.

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