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Rare $9,200 Colt 'BOA' tops Kramer’s March Gun Auction

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This rare Colt BOA topped Kramer's March 28 sale with a $9,200 bid.

This rare Colt BOA topped Kramer's March 28 sale with a $9,200 bid.

One of the rarest of the Colt snake model revolvers; a rare “BOA” was the top Lot at Kramer’s March 28 Spring Gun Auction. Colt mfg. 1200 total pistols in this model with the entire production run being sold to Lew Horton Distributing. They don’t surface for sale very often and many collectors have never seen one for sale. “When you post an item on your online catalog and it goes from $500 to $5000 overnight you know it’s going to be hot”, stated Curt Kramer owner of Kramer Auction.

When all was said and done, it cost $9,200 to own this rare Colt as it made its way to the Lone Star State. That online Texas buyer was not done and the remaining Colt Pythons revolvers went to the same collector with the NIB 8`` Nickel Python bringing $3,680. The 6`` used nickel $2,415 & the well-used but early mfg. 4`` nickel Python settling at $1,955. Other top colt pistols of the day included a Mid-Range National Match 1911 38 Special pistol lightly used with original box was on target at $2,090.


Above: A rough but rare Colt Model 1902 Sporting automatic pistol still demanded $1,150 before finding a new home.


Winchesters made a strong showing as well; a Model 1895 Rifle in 405 cal (above) selling for an impressive $5,775. A nice pre-64 model 70 in desirable 257 Roberts cal was heavily contested in-house & final settled for 2,970. I nice antique model 1894 rifle in 38-55 cal was also popular for $2,970. A nice 1873 rifle w/ even brown patina in 44-40 cal still demanded $1,955.

This auction also had a nice lineup of NIB large caliber hunting rifles form the 1st part of the Zimmer Estate. A Colt Sauer rifle in 458 Win Mag traded at $2,750, A Weatherby Custom MK V in 460 Wby Mag was big at $2,425. NIB SAKO 75 deluxe in 416 Rem Mag shot to $1,955. An early Browning Superposed 20ga shotgun quickly climbed to $2,475. A Ruger #1 single shot rifle in 300 Win Mag was popular for $1,555. A Browning Medalist cased 22 cal Target pistol stayed in the ten-ring for $1,430.


Above: A Freedom Arms Model 83 Rev. in 454 Casull was a buy for $1,650.

1927A1 Tommy Gun

Auto Ordnance “Tommy Guns” are always a hit, and the model 1927 A1 w/ drum Mag (above) on this auction hammered out a quick $1,870.

The military guns & sporting collectible category also had many in-demand items. A rare 480 coded P-38 pistol shot to $1,900. A scare Russian SVT-40 WWII Assault rifle took $1,075.

Sauer 38-H German Pistol

A vet bring-back Nazi town banner went with a phone bidder for $1,035, and a nice German Sauer 38-H military marked pistol (above) was strong at $980.

A Herter’s 41AX Kodiak Bear trap snapped up a quick $1,050 and a nice 2 piece Westernfield 16ga Quail Box demanded $740.

Western 16ga Quail Box

A Savage ML-2 50 cal Smokeless Muzzleloader got in a bit of a bidding war before shooting to $1,760 & a very clean Remington Model 51 pocket pistol was in demand for $690.

Kramer’s next gun Auction will take place on May 30th & will feature another great line up of estate firearms. Western guns through Modern hunting Rifles & a great collection of Indian Items from an interesting estate out of North Dakota. Check or call Curt for more detail at (608) 326-8108

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