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OVMS announces Wilmington Show is ON

Ohio Valley Military Society  show at Roberts Center, July 24-25
You'll have to wear a mask and distance yourself...but you can go to the show

You'll have to wear a mask and distance yourself...but you can go to the show

It's official - as of Monday July 6, the Wilmington Show (July 24-25) is a "GO!"

Our revised show plan was cleared by the Health Department, and we are on track for our 'better late than never' Wilmington Show.

It will be a little weird. (What isn't these days?) The Roberts Centre has graciously allowed us to use the bulk of the facility, so we will be spread out with huge aisles for our customers, and very spacious interiors for the dealers. Sanitizer stations will be available at intervals throughout the hall. Participants will be asked to maintain a six-foot distance from one another in any queue (that's one way to get a nice line out the door!) All participants will have their temperature checked with one of those contactless thermometers as they enter the hall. AND, all participants will be required to wear face masks.

On that topic, we understand completely there are a variety of opinions about the wearing of masks. Some of our members believe that these are critically important. Others believe them to be useless annoyances, worn only to appease those who have overdosed on fear-mongering. Please don't make it your mission in life to convert the OVMS to your way of thinking on this issue. 

We honestly don't care who is right, only that this is what has been deemed necessary in order to have the show. If the powers that be insist that we all go full Madonna and wear our underwear on the outside of our clothing.. if it is a choice between that and not having a show, then we will laugh about it, but we will do it.

Help us out here: Don't fight us on the mask thing.

Enjoy the wide aisles, don't bunch up in the queue, be patient while waiting to be zapped by the thermometer, wear your 'bikini burka' and enjoy the show. One truly important requirement, though - IF YOU FEEL ILL - STAY HOME!!

Also please be aware that should the governor make a sudden change or adjustment to the Responsible Restart Ohio program, this could impact our ability to have the show. Currently there is no indication of any such change, but you should check the OVMS website and / or Facebook page for any updates prior to your departure. If you see no news there, that is "good news."

We are very much looking forward to seeing you there. Not saying that just to be nice like we usually do - we really do mean it this time!

Stay up-to-date with the OVMS' show plans by visiting:

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*Search for shows in your area!

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Keep informed of all the latest HOBBY NEWS

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