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What's it worth? Online militaria price guide now available

Instantly determine militaria market value
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When an antique dealer or collector needs to make an on the spot decision about value, time is of the essence. Now, militaria auction final value data is available instantly from Manion’s International Auction House, Inc. on their website:

“If an antique dealer is presented with the purchase of a collection of soldier souvenirs brought back from Germany during WWII,” posed company CEO Jody Tucker, “and they are not familiar with those types of items, and many aren’t, they will probably pass on an excellent opportunity – simply because the research required was previously too time intensive.”

Manion’s Online Militaria Realized Price Guide solves this problem by providing subscribers with access to four years of militaria auction data, and includes: multiple detailed photographs, date of sale, winning bid amount, and item description – all for $9.95 per month.

“The value is obvious to any serious dealer or collector,” said Tucker. “Within moments they will gain access to information needed to make a potentially profitable financial decision. These records are also useful to those who have inherited military collectibles or are serving as the executor of an estate.

Tucker said that even the most advanced collector recognizes the fact that they can’t know everything about everything. “Manion’s Online Realized Price provides a solution,” he said.

The information is presented in a straight forward, easy to understand format and features a comprehensive search function. With online auctions closing 365 days a year and hundreds of items in each, the amount of data collected is astounding.

“Many dealers and collectors consider Manion’s to be the Gold Standard when it comes to military collectibles,” said Tucker. “Collecting WWII artifacts is especially popular right now: U.S. uniforms, German helmets, Japanese flags – the list goes on and on, and we have the price data to go with.”

To view a sample and subscribe to Manion’s Online Realized Price Guide, visit and click the “Realized Price Guide” banner in the center of the page or use the navigation found on the left side of the page.

Manion’s International Auction House, Inc, has brokered the sale of militaria, historic collectibles, and firearms since 1970. What began as catalog auctions held several times a year has grown to online auctions closing 365 days a year on their proprietary auction website. To learn more about buying and selling with Manion’s International Auction House, Inc., visit or call 866-626-4661.

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