Noon at the Krause Jeep Auction

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Big band music is stirring in the covered seated area at the Krause Jeep Auction. This is one class act. As each bidder registers, Aumann Auctions gives him or her a great collector's book with a die-cut Jeep design that lists each of 37 lots with a photo and descriptions. In addition, an addendum is included that corrects a few details in the booklet and adds two items that were not in the original listing:

Lot 36 M825 Recoilless Rifle 106mm wheel barrow mount

Lot 37 1941 1/2-ton Dodge VC-17 Carryall

Talking with Aumann employees, there are currently 107 registered bidders, 45 of which are online.

Getting back to the auction operation itself, the 37 lots are lined up on a blacktop surface for inspection and where they will remain during the bidding.

Rather than drive each vehicle "across the block", Aumann has set up a huge screen and will project a photo of each lot as it goes up for bid. Bidders have a nice covered, enclosed tent in which to sit.

Raining currently, but sun breaking through and temperature is comfortable. Tension is building as potential bidders keep one eye on a vehicle and the other on potential rivals. Just a few hours and the bidding will begin.

More to come....


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