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New Navy warfare pins to be released

One for officers and one for enlisted
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The Navy will soon roll out two Information Dominance Corps (IDC) warfare pins; one for officers and one for enlisted. The program will be open to Sailors of all ratings. The personal qualification standard (PQS) could come out as early as June, and the pins are scheduled to be available in August.

The enlisted warfare qualification covers specific knowledge pertaining to the IDC ratings of information systems technician, cryptologic technician, intelligence specialist and aerographer's mate. The program will be open to sailors of all ratings.

The officer communities that qualify for the IDC pin are information professional, information warfare, intelligence, meteorological and oceanography, and space cadre. All officers will first be expected to complete a core PQS of things that all information dominance communities are expected to know. They will then move on to an advanced PQS designed for their specific community.

This is the first new wide-scale warfare pin to be approved since 2006, when the Navy rolled out the enlisted-only expeditionary warfare specialist qualification. The approval for the IDW pin is part of several changes made in the past year in the way the Navy deals with information warfare, including the founding of 10th Fleet/Fleet Cyber Command as part of the overall U.S. Cyber Command.

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