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Navy completes Vietnam War book series

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WASHINGTON, D.C. _ The Navy has published End of the Saga: The Maritime Evacuation of South Vietnam and Cambodia, the final entry in its nine-book series titled "The U.S. Navy and the Vietnam War."

Interested readers can download a free digital copy from The Naval History and Heritage Command’s (NHHC) website here: or purchase a hard copy from the Government Printing Office (GPO).

Written by Malcolm Muir Jr., End of the Saga discusses the service and sacrifice of the American Sailors and Marines and how they saved thousands of U.S. citizens and pro-American Vietnamese and Cambodians from the Communist forces in the spring of 1975.

The series overall discusses naval power during the war, shedding light on operations, historical background, and personnel who were held as prisoners of war (POW) or listed as missing in action (MIA). It covers topics from post–World War II actions and “containment,” to the First Indochina War, to riverine warfare training, to Navy SEALs, and many others.

The series traces its roots to the 2008 National Defense Authorization Act, which directed the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. The titles in the series include:
• The Approaching Storm: Conflict in Asia, 1945–1965;
• Nixon's Trident: Naval Power in Southeast Asia, 1968–1972;
• The Battle Behind Bars: Navy and Marine POWs in the Vietnam War;
• Navy Medicine in Vietnam: Passage to Freedom to the Fall of Saigon;
• Combat at Close Quarters: Warfare on the Rivers and Canals of Vietnam;
• Naval Air War: The Rolling Thunder Campaign;
• Knowing the Enemy: Naval Intelligence in Southeast Asia;
• Fourth Arm of Defense: Sealift and Maritime Logistics in the Vietnam War; and
• End of the Saga: The Maritime Evacuation of South Vietnam and Cambodia.
All books in the U.S. Navy and the Vietnam War series are available online for free download as 508-compliant PDF files, MOBI versions for Kindle devices, and the ePub for most other readers. Readers can download their free copy and enjoy them on the go.

The Naval History and Heritage Command, located at the Washington Navy Yard, is responsible for the preservation, analysis, and dissemination of U.S. naval history and heritage. It provides the knowledge foundation for the Navy by maintaining historically relevant resources and products that reflect the Navy's unique and enduring contributions through our nation's history, and supports the fleet by assisting with and delivering professional research, analysis, and interpretive services. NHHC is composed of many activities including the Navy Department Library, the Navy Operational Archives, the Navy art and artifact collections, underwater archeology, Navy histories, nine museums, USS Constitution repair facility and the historic ship Nautilus.
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