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MVs represented nicely at Georgia car show

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Show report and photos provided by Jim Butler, Msgt. Ret.

The Tifton-area car club held a car and MV show April 21-22 in Tifton, Ga. The weather played a big factor in this one. We had canceled out on Friday because of predicted bad weather for Saturday. Got a phone call from friend Eddie Tucker at Alapaha, Ga., Saturday morning and the weather was now going to be clear.

So on with the fatigues, out of the car port with the M-35 and start loading. Remembered most everything but the 30 cal Browning, but did remember drinks and camera. Met Eddie outside of Tifton with his Humvee and on to ABAC college campus.


Eddie Tucker and his son Patrick in front of Buddy Ryan's M5A1 Stuart Light Tank.


When we arrived Jerry Sumner was already in place with a nice display in front of his M-151-A1.


Buddy Ryan from Tifton had brought everything including the kitchen sink. Here we see an M151, Eddie Tucker's HMMWV and an M35.


Jerry Sumner's M151


Mike Futch from Moultrie also brought a M-38-A1.

The show was to raise money for the local DAV who also had a nice M-151-A1. They raised a good deal of money for a worthy cause so the bumps in the road and ski jumps they call Rail Road tracks around were not so bad after all. When a Deuce gets all 10 feet off the ground at one time,that is a bump.

We missed our bud from Havana, Fla., Kevin Vislocky, but it was just too short of a notice to get him up for the show. We are hoping Kevin will have his Huey ready for display soon.


Eddie Tucker's HMMWV

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