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Special to MT subscribers, advertisers: We're changing, for the better!

New look for Military Trader beginning with May issue

March 25, 2010

By John Adams-Graf, Editor

For the first time in its 17 year-existence, Military Trader is undergoing a major makeover. Beginning with the May 2010 issue, MT is shedding its antiquated, 'newspaper tabloid' look and is finally growing up to take its rightful place on the newsstand in a regular magazine format.

After examining the comments of many readers who indicate that, as collectors, the old-fashioned tabloid format was not 'collector friendly', we have decided to readjust the size to mirror other magazines.

The Post Office has been long after us to change the trim size stating that the unusual amount of 'damaged-in-shipping' copies was a result of their machines not being real receptive to the old tabloid size.

Furthermore, by adopting a more 'standard size', the magazine will be placed on more newsstands, broadening our reach to even more collectors. Change is always a bit frightening, but we at Military Trader want to assure our valued readers and advertisers that this is a move that will allow MT to reach even more collectors and strengthen our hobby.

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