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Mail Call 2020 no. 1

Military Trader shares correspondence from its readers.


In September 2017, I emailed you about the US Navy’s Office of Logo Enforcement forcing Etsy (and presumably Ebay, etc.) to remove all listings involving “US Navy” because of supposed trademark infringement.

Recently, that very office established an account on Etsy. This, in and of itself, is fraudulent. Accounts are for buyers and sellers, not for sneaky investigators. They recently sent me a warning e-mail about an item related to the US Navy: a Blue Angels coffee mug!

This is a complete waste of taxpayers money, especially considering that factories in China are turning out counterfeit items by the ship load every day, making pure profit as they do not have to pay royalties or license fees.

— Steve in Arizona


I enjoyed your JAG File in the October issue about of taking your grandson to the range, “Simulation Just Isn’t the Same.” I feel where your grandson is coming from, however. I’ll stick to video games (not that I play much these days). I don’t care for going to the range. I get bored quickly. It is loud and messy, and then I have to clean the guns. I think the other part of it is that shooting at a target doesn’t do it for me.

Now needless to say, I haven’t been in combat and I’m sure it is terrifying without any fun, but I enjoyed paintball and I enjoyed shooter games on the computer. So, target shooting is just dull, and honestly, I’m not a good shot. I’ll be the first to admit it.

— Peter in Michigan


In Military Trader, I have found the Mail Call section and The JAG File very interesting — maybe, even the most interesting sections in the magazine.

In addition to militaria, I am also into antique radios. Yhe topic of the September JAG File (“Is our Collecting Economy ‘Good’”) addressed something we go over and over in the radio community, with no strong, clear conclusion Regardless, the concern is there.

One of our neighboring cities used to hold a “hobbies exposition.” They displayed everything from surf shops and equipment to quilting groups, stained glass, along with all the collecting hobbies, too. It got the interest and possibilities out in front of people’s eyes and their imagination.

— Hubert in Oregon

I wonder if it isn’t time to go back to the roots of hobby where militaria and guns occupied the same show? After all, there is strength in numbers.

— Jeff in North Dakota

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