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Kampfgruppe Medals & Badges

Kampfgruppe Medals & Badges Strives to Achieve a Personalized, Efficient, and Trustworthy Service for Collectors of German Militaria to find Authentic Period Pieces for your Collections!

My Name is Steve Mezey and I have been a collector of German and Allied Militaria since my teenage Years!

I am now in my Sixties and have thirty plus years of collecting experience under my belt!

I am very passionate about the Hobby and spend many of my days and nights involved in research and Study, much to the Chagrin of My Wife!

I do not believe in the National Socialist Regime or any of its policies but I am an avid Historian and believe that history should be preserved and the facts exposed as to how and why events happened as they did!

I do this as a part-time business and try to remain competitive in the marketplace for Militaria! I am not a big dealer nor do I ever wish to become one as I am happy with my life the way it is. If you are selling to me I may offer more competitive prices for your militaria than bigger full-time dealers will because I am a collector and do not have the overhead costs and profit ratios that they must achieve. If you are purchasing from me you can be safe knowing my Integrity and Honesty comes first. I am a collector at heart and have experienced the pitfalls and euphoria this hobby can bring.I want your purchasing experience to be satisfying and as pleasant as possible. I want your business and I want it for life.

I started this online Website in 1999 to reach out to fellow Collectors and Enthusiasts on the Web, world wide. It has been a great experience and I have met and dealt with many fine militaria collectors and like minded individuals worldwide. I hope that we can do business. I am also an avid and participating member on these two fine Militaria forums If you are planning to become a serious collector I strongly suggest that you join at least one of these fine Militaria Forums. The fees are minimal for the camaraderie and knowledge you will acquire.

358 Speedavale Ave E.
Guelph, Ontario, CANADA N1E 6W1
Phone: 519.823.8249 Email:

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