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Japanese Disaster Relief Efforts from Militaria Enthusiasts

Md. Civil War museum collects Japan donations

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, Md., is collecting donations for Japanese earthquake victims in honor of American Red Cross founder Clara Barton.

The museum said Tuesday that donors can contribute through its Facebook page or in the museum lobby.

Spokeswoman April Dietrich says the campaign mirrors the efforts of citizens like Barton who organized relief programs for sick and wounded Civil War soldiers starting in 1861. Barton later became known for her battlefield nursing work. She founded the American Red Cross in 1881.

The museum says donations will go to the International Red Cross, designated for the Japanese victims in honor of Clara Barton.

Buy a Medal, Donate to Relief

Advance Guard Militaria ( currently has a medal sale going on where they allow you to purchase any Japanese Medal by making a donation to the Red Cross.

The way it works, you order the medal from Advance Guard's web site, and when you get your invoice, you simply pay the amount directly to the Red Cross Japanese Relief Fund. Send AGM a copy of of your donation receipt as proof of payment and they send you the medal. Pretty can help with the relief efforts, get a tax donation AND add an original Japanese medal to your collection.

The sale runs through March 20, 2011.

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