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James D. Julia's March 14th Firearm Auction

James D. Julia's March 14th Firearm Auction

Preview Starts Friday March 11th - Spectacular Auction of Quality Firearms

Auction: March 14-15: 10 a.m.
Preview: March 11-13: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Session 1: Lots 1000-1758 - Monday March 14
Sporting and Collector Firearms

• The Estate of Renowned Texas Collector Bill Stewart. Colts, Winchesters and collectables from the Texas frontier.

• The Brad Shepherd Collection of Engraved and Collectable Colt SAAs.

• The Dr. Robert G. Cox Estate Collection of Colt New Lines, House Pistols & SAAs

• The Carmen Gianforte Collection of Reid Pistols & Knuckle Dusters. (Session One).

• The Timothy Scott Collection of Sporting Arms.

Session 2: Lots 2000-2694 - Tuesday March 15

Extraordinary and Historic Firearms

• The Esteemed Paul Tudor Jones II Collection of Rare Colts and Winchesters.

• The Steve Ardia Collection of Outstanding Percussion Colts. (Session One)

• The Brad Shepherd Collection of Engraved and Collectable Colt SAAs.

• The Don & Kathlee Bryan Collection NC. The finest Confederate revolver collection ever assembled.

• The Spiropoulos Estate Collection of Fine Antique Firearms. (Nova Scotia, Canada).

• A Single Owner Lifetime Collection of English Stopping Rifles. The finest collection of this type.

• The John Koilakos Collection of Fine Sporting Arms.(Athens, Greece).

• The Herbert Hyatt Lifelong Collection of Sporting Arms.

• The Renowned Rod Fuller Estate Collection of Fine Browning Firearms. (Session Two).

• The Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess Collection. The final session of European auto-loading weapons. (Zurich, Switzerland).

• Evergreen Ventures Collection of Class III and Militaria. The fourth and final session.


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