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It's Time to Call for New Museum Leadership!

Today, I read the headline, Departure of Wagoner Should Make Us Pause, Reflect, and Shift Gears" referring to the Government's forced removal of GM's top person. Hopefully, this attitude will spill over to museums as well and the demand for fiscal responsiblity will be made of directors, administrators and boards of directors.

Too many museums have been headed by individuals who seem to believe that fiscal responsibility does not apply to them. They expand, build and aquire without having the means to sustain the investment. Ultimately, the institutions are forced to reduce staff and service because of a director's or board's inability to pay the bills. And yet, these individuals retain their positions.

It is time for these directors and museum heads--not to step down--but be THROWN OUT! The heritage belongs to us! Take control and demand fiscal responsibility of your local and state museums. Short of that, demand that those who are running our museums out of business to step down immediately.


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