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Item #14-4-6

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Item #14-4-6. Karen from the AAF Museum believes that this pin dates to the late 1930s. It is constructed like a "tinnie," being stamped from brass sheet metal and having a soldered-on safety pin. Can anyone identify what nationality it represents and in what time period it was used?

Clem Kelly wrote, "14-4-6 is a badge for the Mexican Army's armored forces. Fifty years ago, I was in Mexico City visiting my sister's wife who was married to a colonel in the Mexican Army. He gave me the address of a military tailor shop on the Zocalo. I bought about 50 pieces of Mexican insignia, among which was the same badge as 14-4-6. I doubt, though, that the badge dates to the 1930s as Karen had surmised, since the Mexican Army did not have a tank corps until the 1950s."

Do you know what this item is?
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