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Hermann Historica oHG Autumn sale reflects military history

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MUNICH - Between Oct. 24-Nov. 10, Hermann Historica oHG will hold its 63rd auction, as usual with a wide range of offerings and special catalogues. On the premises of the Linprunstraße in Munich, the approximately 3,500 objects will be offered for bidding - among them antiquities, arms and armour, works of art, hunting collectibles, orders and militaria.

Arms and armour, works of art

The ancient weapons catalogue this autumn comprises extraordinary objects: Particularly striking is the great number of extremely rare and well-preserved medieval edged weapons, ranging from splendid early Northern European splendid Viking sword with a fine silver-inlaid pommel from the 9th/10th century, offered at a starting price of 20,000 Euros, and a knight’s hand-and-a-half sword, which dating from the second half of the 14th century, introduced at 5,000 Euros, to an Austrian two-handed sword with flamberge blade dated 1590, up for sale starting at 13,000 Euros. Beyond that, an outstandingly beautiful finely chiselled Milanese rapier by Daniele da Serravalle, dating from circa 1560, is offered for bidding starting at 3,500 Euros.

Lot No 2254. Etched burgonet, Innsbruck, 1525.

Lot No 2254. Etched burgonet, Innsbruck, 1525.

Once again, the offerings among the exceptional and rare armour collectibles are very diverse: A burgonet from Innsbruck, dating from about 1525, with finely etched floral decorations and original linen lining impresses due to its fine state of preservation, which explains the corresponding starting price of 10,000 Euros. For at least the same amount lot No. 2249 can be won: The beautifully shaped German chamfron from the mid-16th century features a strongly embossed front plate with a central ridge, remnants of leather lining and a striking age patina. Equally rare is an etched circular shield with original inner lining, from France or Italy, dating from circa 1600. While the craftsmanship of the shield is extraordinary, it must be referred to as sensational that the sensitive goatskin liner has been preserved as a whole and without damage throughout the centuries. This untouched item of high quality is introduced at 6,000 Euros.

Collection of edged weapons

On Oct. 26, a collection of edged weapons including swords, rapiers and daggers are offered, displaying an abundance and quality unseen for decades. The exclusive collection was assembled through several centuries by a Spanish Ducal family. During the Civil War the collection was safely stored abroad, which is why it was completely preserved. 58 of the exceptionally finely chiselled iron works are up for sale for the audience – among the pieces offered are unique items such as a German rapier with a gilded hilt dating from circa 1580, can be won for at least 16,000 Euros; a Spanish, unusually beautifully chiselled cup-hilt rapier dating from around 1650, with an iron cup-guard chiselled with delicate floral openwork and engravings for at least 8,000 Euros, or an Italian sword with a chiselled iron hilt from 1560/70 at a starting price of 9,000 Euros.

Lot No. 2171. King Otto I of Greece. A presentation saber from the Turkish Sultan Mahmud II.

Lot No. 2171. King Otto I of Greece. A presentation saber from the Turkish Sultan Mahmud II.

Orient and Asia

Another promising section is the chapter of the oriental weapons, the countries of provenance ranging from the Ottoman Empire to India and China. A sensation is the finely crafted presentation sabre in Ottoman-European style, a gift from the Turkish sultan Mahmud II (1785 – 1839) to King Otto I of Greece (1815 – 1867). This unique weapon, expensively and elaborately worked with fire-gilding, silver inlays and ivory grip, is offered at a starting price of 30,000 Euros. Another important piece is an Ottoman gold-inlaid kandshar from the 16th century with an octagonal nephrite grip dating from the 18th century. The blade displays gold-inlaid ornamental foliage and strikingly exquisite decoration. It is introduced at 4,000 Euros. Two further extraordinarily beautiful edged weapons are up for sale for 12,000 Euros each. A piece comparable to lot No. 2185, an Ottoman kilij set with corals and turquoises, dating from the 19th century, was sold for 44,000 Euros at Hermann Historica a few years ago. Expert craftsmanship is also displayed by a Burmese gold-mounted ceremonial dha from the 19th century with openwork ivory grip and scabbard.

Lot No. 2252. A French or Italian etched circular shield with original lining circa 1600.

Lot No. 2252. A French or Italian etched circular shield with original lining circa 1600.


The section of militaria also comprises the most interesting objects. In the anniversary year of King Ludwig II (1845 – 1886) there is of course plenty of memorabilia from the Bavarian royal family, such as a diamond-set King Ludwig II ring, which was a present to a renowned Munich citizen – the ring is offered for bidding at 5,000 Euros. A beautifully worked bracelet in the shape of a snake, set with diamonds, was given to Ludwig’s II mother, Queen Marie, by her newly-wed niece Elisabeth, Empress of Austria. This splendid partly-enamelled item is introduced at 10,000 Euros. A starting price of 15,000 Euros has been decided on for a very early golden repeater watch with chain and case, dating from circa 1820/30, from the possessions of King Maximilian II (1811 – 1864). The watch is proven to have been inherited by Ludwig II and to have been worn by him.

For at least 10,000 Euros two Russian objects can be won. Very rare and of museum quality, the important porcelain lithophane was probably manufactured in the Imperial Porcelain Factory St. Petersburg in about 1840. At the same starting price an embroidered Breast Star of the Order of St. Alexander Nevsky will be introduced.

Highly sought-after is also representative military headgear: A striking ensemble of an officer’s fur busby and a parade attila for a lieutenant of the Brunswick Hussar Regiment is offered at 7,500 Euros; a very rare opulent helmet M 1852 of the Bavarian Hartschiere Life Guards is up for sale at 8,000 Euros, and the personal admiral’s cap of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Este is expected to fetch at least 4,500 Euros.

Lot No. 24. Wheel-lock puffer. German, presumably Brunswick or Dresden.

Lot No. 24. Wheel-lock puffer. German, presumably Brunswick or Dresden.

Fine antique and modern firearms

The offerings in the section of high-quality antique firearms are once again very exclusive, ranging from excellent flintlock pistols, such as the rare finely crafted flintlock pistols from Brescia made by Pietro Fiorentini around 1730, introduced at 8,000 Euros; a pair of flintlock pistols from Liège with chiselled gold-plated fittings from circa 1760 for at least 9,500 Euros; and a pair of cased target pistols made by Devisme in Paris in about 1850, at a starting price of 8,800 Euros; to a fantastic wheel-lock puffer with a carved walnut stock, Brunswick or Dresden around 1570/80, for at least 12,500 Euros. Remarkable is also a pair of first-class miquelet flintlock pistols, lavishly decorated with engraved floral silver inlays and mascarons from the workshop of Pasquale Feo in Naples, 18th century, which can be won for at least 6,000 Euros.

Lot No. 548. Bittner pistol M 1893.

Lot No. 548. Bittner pistol M 1893.

Top items can also be found among the firearms with modern action: rarities such as a Mauser pistol C 96 from the 1896 pre-series in almost mint condition with a starting price of 12,000 Euros or a Bittner pistol M 1893, up for sale at 5,500 Euros. This repeating pistol was constructed by the proprietor of the gun factory of the same name in Weipert/ Bohemia, Gustav Bittner. Since the pistol wasn’t an economic success it was only manufactured in small numbers and is therefore now exceedingly rare.

All mentioned hammer prices are net prices and do not include the obligatory premium of 23 percent. The pre-sale viewing takes place from Oct. 17-23 on the premises of Hermann Historica oHG, Munich.



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